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Baikal educational center "Esperanto"

Educational center "Esperanto" was founded to teach Russian citizens, foreign nationals and citizens of CIS the Russian language.

We offer Russian language courses for all foreign nationals who want to combine intensive language training with a rich cultural and sport program in Russia. This is an opportunity to expand the ambit of acquaintances from different countries, to see the unique Lake Baikal, and to learn about the history and traditions of Siberia.

Обучение русскому языку

Highly qualified specialists:  doctors and candidates of philological sciences, professors and associate professors have been teaching nationals of China, Korea, Mongolia, Japan, USA, England, South Africa, India, Syria, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Canada, Poland and other countries for more than thirty years. 

Course participants attend classes not only as students but they themselves conduct actively lessons, discussions, and lessons-conferences. Jointly with the teachers, they discuss current world issues as well as environmental problems in Siberia and Lake Baikal, issues of culture, art, and politics. They act as journalists, researchers, tourists and even ministers and presidents of various countries, take interesting and informative tours. In this way international students improve their conversational Russian and put into practice their acquired knowledge.

Classes are held in the classrooms (in Irkutsk) and on the tourist base

“Krugbaikalskaya” which is located on the shore of Lake Baikal, sixty kilometers away from Irkutsk-city ( www.lakebaikal.com ). In their spare time, students will undertake hiking and boat tours in the tourist center, accompanied by a teacher and a tour guide.

Обучение русскому языку

Teaching Russian as a foreign language is conducted in groups (no more than 8 students in a group) and individually. Course duration depends on the students, from 2 weeks to 9 months.

 We offer the following programs:

-     Russian for CIS nationals (practice in speaking and writing);

-     Russian for foreign nationals (beginner, intermediate, and advanced stages); 
-     Preparation for international language tests (TRFL-1, TRFL-2, TRFL-3) [TRFL - Test of   

     Russian as a Foreign Language]; 
-    Preparation for international Russian language tests for migrant workers; 
-    Preparation for international Russian language tests for applying for RF citizenship.

The most important point is that after the international students pass a test of Russian grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening, reading, and speaking they may evaluate their level of the Russian language and get a state-recognized certificate of international level with the corresponding objective scores.

Educational center "Esperanto" offers   Russian language courses   not only for foreign nationals but also for all those who want to improve their speech culture. Having mastered the culture of Russian speech a person becomes more open, confident and enterprising. In our classes, one can learn how to express clearly and  precisely their thoughts and feelings, prepare business papers of a personal nature - applications, CV,  explanatory notes, etc., as well as master the skills of public speaking, get acquainted with the basic principles of rhetoric, good speech technique  (verbal and non-verbal means of communication). A man who owns the culture of the native language is able to achieve good results in their professional and personal spheres.

"Esperanto" offers courses in Russian language and literature to prepare pupils and students for Unified State Exam (USE) and State Final

Examination (SFE).  Classes are conducted by experienced teachers who are the experts of the Regional Commission for the Russian language and


Обучение русскому языку

We propose the course   "Language of communication" which will help to achieve high results in various spheres of life. An experienced psychologist will reveal secrets of productive communication for successful negotiations, attraction of attention of a listener in whom you are interested, use of “body language”, development of skills to withdraw from conflict situations, successful interview when searching for job, and preparation for public presentations.

Educational center "Esperanto" offers a new and necessary in practice course   

"Imagology” to employers and businessmen who are involved in fashion and style industry, schoolchildren, students, everybody who wants to know how to choose clothes.How to understand the variety of fashion?  How to learn to match a colour for yourself? What to do with the body figure which you "inherited" and how to choose the form of clothing for it? How to choose shoes

and what clothes it will fit? What dress code you should wear if you want to have successful interview? What way you should look to catch admiring glances? All these issues are solved. This has to be learned from a professional image-maker.

We welcome everyone who wants to master the Russian language and speak it properly! 

We are waiting for everyone who wants to be successful and beautiful!

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