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Culture of Russian speech

It is necessary for:

- All who want to improve practical knowledge of the modern Russian literary language, culture of oral and writing speech, business communication;

- Those who are accustomed to long life professional development;

- People who want to know what to say and in what manner to say; how to listen and hear.


Culture of Russian speech.

The development of the discipline will enable you to:

- learn how to apply basic knowledge of the culture of speech and business communication both in everyday and professional activities: to build oral and written communication logically correctly and clearly in accordance with the norms of modern Russian literary language;

- implement successfully oral business communication;

- have skills in preparing and editing business documents;

- use etiquette for successful self-presentation;

- possess oratory skills when speaking in public.

The number of students in a group: 3 - 15 people.

Course duration: 1 – 1.5 months.

Document of completion: Certificate of private educational institution indicating the number of academic hours.

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