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In the last twenty years the concept of "image" fundamentally penetrated into the life of Russian people. It has become fashionable. We get from TV, mass media and magazines a lot of information on fashion, style and other aesthetic spheres. They illustrate life of famous people, their thoughts and standards of beauty belligerently. For many people, it causes a negative reaction. So what is the "image"?

Image is an impression, a mental representation of a particular person, the content side of his character. In other words, what we look like in the eyes of others - this is our image. It should be mentioned that image is not just clothes, hairstyle, make-up; these are our manners, speech, and body plasticity. Therefore, image is always the unity of external and internal, it is a reflection of the inner essence of a person which is based on the revelation of individuality.

Standards and stereotypes do not allow demonstrating one’s personality. All this happens due to the lack of knowledge of imagology. One should learn it and then everyone can be a stylist and image-maker for himself. He will be able to tell the world about himself.

It is necessary for:

- Everybody who wants to learn how to look beautiful and attractive, easy to navigate in fashion trends and prepare your wardrobe;

- Those whose profession is associated with interacting with other people and the requirements to "look good" and to “speak correctly” are fundamental;

- Managers of companies where the appearance of staff is the image component of organization;

- Owners and directors of companies who need help in creating corporate culture;

- People for whom the individual image and etiquette knowledge are needed to move up the career ladder,

- All people who want to change their life.

The number of students in a group: 2 - 12 people.

Course duration: 1 – 1.5 months (50 academic hours).

Document of completion: Certificate of private educational institution indicating the number of academic hours.

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