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Welcome to Esperanto!


Baikal educational centre “Esperanto” offers you different conditions of your staying in Irkutsk. No matter what variant you need – individual (apartment, hotel, hostel) or you prefer to stay with other students or want to experience unforgettable moments of everyday living in Russian-speaking family the staff of “Esperanto” will choose the most convenient option for you.

Living in a family is the best opportunity for linguistic practice out of the classroom and it is a good way to learn more about life, household, culture, character of Russian people and make friends with them for a long time.


Cost of accommodation in Russian-speaking family:

- 600 rubles/day (breakfast included),

- 900 rubles/day (no breakfast)

- 1200 rubles/day

 (breakfast + washing of clothes included).


There is a possibility to live in:

- hotel (1100 - 5000 and more rubles/day)

- apartment (600 – 1200 rubles/day)

- hostel (450 – 500 rubles/day)


Your comfort and security are with highest priority.

To get more details, please, contact us.

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